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Silky Dance tights

Silky Dance is now a leading UK dancewear brand, selling in over 30 countries worldwide. We specialise in the essential staple pieces that all dancers need and rely on, such as dance tights and dance underwear. Silky Dance only manufactures the best high-performance dance tights, socks, and undergarments. Using our extensive knowledge and experience of the hosiery industry, we create ranges of products for every dancer at any level, all at affordable prices.

Our Silky Dance Ballet range is one of the very best dancewear collections in production. All our products are designed with one thing in mind, pleasing our dance customers. From dancers of all levels of ability or experience, dance teachers, and of course the dance mums, our dancewear ranges are robust, well made, and versatile.  


The Silky Dance range of dance tights, dance socks, and dance underwear is comprehensive, high quality, and of excellent value. We are very proud to be able to claim this as the fastest-growing brand of dance hosiery in the UK dance market.

The variety of products includes classic ballet tights, convertible dance tights, high-performance fishnet dance tights and show-stopping shimmer dance tights. From baby ballerinas starting their first dance class to professional and competition dancers taking to the dance floor, there is something for everyone here at Silky Dance.

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