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Silky Dance specialises in the only best quality and high-performance dance tights, from the convertible ballet tights, fishnet dance tights, stirrup tights, girls ballet tights, and black footless dance tights. We have a great variety of products for every type of dancer at all levels. Quality dance tights are absolutely essential for dancers of all ages and abilities. Having a couple of pairs in your bag ready for your dance classes and rehearsals, or a fresh new pair of dance tights ready for performances, competitions or dance exams are a necessity. Our dance tights are perfect for layering and ready to be worn under leotards or as part of a dance costume on stage. 

The Silky Dance range of dance tights, come in a wide variety of colours including theatrical pink, black, white and tan as well as a ranges of styles and deniers from 40denier to 60 denier. Our dance tights, dance socks, and dance underwear range is comprehensive, high quality, and of excellent value. We are very proud to be able to claim this as the fastest-growing brand of dance hosiery in the UK dance market.

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