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Dance Knee Pad

Dance Knee Pad

Silky Dance Knee Pads provide both protection and support for your knees during dance training and other types of sports and fitness workouts.

The supportive and comfortable Knee Pads benefit from heavy padding. Ideal for preventing knee injuries or for wear during recovery.

Our Knee Pads feature a double silicone band that sits right above the knee to prevent them from slipping during any workout.


  • Prevent injuries and support the knees
  • Heavily padded
  • Double Silicone Band (above the knee)
  • 70% Polyester 30% Natural Latex


DANCE KNEE PADS: With their padding at the front, these knee pads cushion impacts for floor moves and provide great freedom of movement for dancers of all levels.


VOLLEYBALL KNEE PADS: Due to the heavy padding, the Silky Dance knee pads can be used by volleyball players.


SIZING: Small would suit children from 12 years upwards, Medium will suit most ladies and size Large is also suitable for men.

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