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Our Kids Fabric Dance Foot Thong are crafted with utmost care to ensure a snug and secure fit for little feet. Made from premium materials, these foot thongs offer exceptional flexibility, allowing young dancers to move with grace and ease. Whether they're practicing ballet, contemporary dance, or any other style, our Children's Foot Thongs provide the necessary grip and freedom of movement for a confident performance.


The Silky Dance range of foot accessories includes these fabric Foot Thongs. They provide extra cushioning with highly durable suede leather pads under the ball of the foot for shock absorption and no-slip contact with the floor. Great for jazz, lyrical and freestyle dance lessons, recitals,  competitions, and on stage.


Composition: 85% Elastane Fabric, 10% Leather, 5% elastic rubber 

Kids Fabric Dance Foot Thong

Colour: Natural
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