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Kids White Footed Dance Tights

Kids White Footed Dance Tights

The Silky Dance Kids White Footed Dance Tights, the perfect choice for young dancers who want to enhance their performance and showcase their talent with grace and style. These tights are designed to provide exceptional comfort, flexibility, and durability, making them an ideal choice for dance rehearsals, recitals, and classes.


The footed design of these tights provides optimum support and coverage, allowing young dancers to effortlessly glide across the floor while maintaining proper form and technique. The snug yet stretchable fit ensures a secure hold, so your child can move with complete freedom and confidence.


With their classic white color, these dance tights complement any dance attire or costume, making them a versatile addition to your child's dance wardrobe. Whether they are performing ballet, jazz, modern, or any other dance style, these tights will beautifully complete their ensemble and add a touch of elegance to their appearance.


Features and Benefits: 

  • Manufactured with supersoft microfiber yarns
  • Hand sews flat seams for comfort against the skin and seamless look
  • Luxury soft non elastic comfort waistband providing a no show look under the leotard
  • No show diamond gusset dyed to match the colour of the tights
  • No uncomfortable labels sewn on the inside of the body

Composition: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane

  • How to wash dance tights?

    To wash dance tights, turn them inside out and hand wash them in cold / lukewarm water. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach. Hang them to air dry or lay them flat.


Mix & Match 3+ Save 20%

Colour: White
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